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Guest Teachers

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Emma Patten

RYT 200 (Illumina Yoga)

My name is Emma, and I have been practicing yoga throughout my life. Starting with children’s yoga classes when I was young, I have cultivated a lifelong love for the practice. For me, yoga began as a practice that was mainly physical. Over the past few years, it has been an incredible journey for me to learn about the depth that the practice can offer you, if you are willing to look within. I began my teacher training in 2021, and graduated the following year. I am thrilled to be on my path as a teacher, where I can share the gifts that the practice has brought me over the years. Yoga for me is a full-body experience, in the sense that it works your physical body as well as your mind. This mind-body connection is a beautiful aspect of yoga, and something that every person of every ability can harness and benefit from.

I grew up in York, Maine, and have lived on the seacoast all my life. After graduating from college in 2019, I began a career in environmental activism. When I’m not on the mat, I am working to fight for environmental justice and climate action.  My  career provides an outlet for a passion for the planet that I have always carried with me. I believe my yoga journey lives in perfect harmony with my professional life, in connecting me to the earth and all the beings that share this planet with us.


While yoga is my true love, outside of the practice I enjoy crocheting, cooking, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and hanging out with any and all animals I come across. I currently reside in Kittery, Maine, and love to spend time outside exploring the beautiful coast here in Maine. 

Nicole Pasciuto 

RYT 200 (Yoga Farm Ithaca)

My name is Nicole and I have been formally practicing Yoga for about 20 years. Yoga has always been a part of me, and I really love being able to share the whole body health benefits of it with others, no matter anyone’s level of experience with yoga. 


I grew up in New England and moved to York, Maine in 2018 with my husband, two sons and dog with the intent of putting down some roots near the ocean-which is another happy place for me. Between 2001 and 2018, my husband’s job enabled us to experience life all over the eastern half of the country including Key West (where my sons were born),

Yoga instructor, Nicole Pas, holding her Golden Doodle pup on a front porch

Boston, DC and Cleveland. In addition to teaching yoga, I  have spent most of my life as an early childhood educator and hold a master’s degree in education; and enjoyed teaching mindfulness practices to my students so that they could use these skills outside of school as well.

When you are in the studio with me, we all practice together and focus on the same goal: mindfulness and the overall well-being of our physical and mental health. I look at each session as an opportunity to take a break from our busy lives, tune out negative energy and reset ourselves. I love leading classes for adults and children alike. Yoga is amazing for people of all ages and stages of life! 


Learning to use mindful breathing is one of the most important things-when trying to work into any sensations that come up physically, or emotionally. Lion’s breath is one of my favorite ways to play with breath and teach others out loud how to use that breath in a playful and fun way during our session. I encourage every yogi to play with their poses and listen to their own bodies. 


I am always looking forward to meeting other yogis and coming together to practice taking pauses for ourselves and to simply just be in the moment- and most of all; using what we all learn on the mat and taking that out into the world to spread kindness and love!

Yoga instructor, Susan O'Maley, atop a mountain in ski clothes

Susan O’Maley

RYT 200 (Journey Om Yoga, Salem, NH) 

AFAA certified Group Fitness

As a Group Fitness Instructor for 35 years and a Yoga teacher for 21 years, I have had the honor of teaching and sharing a practice with varied populations in Corporate Health Clubs, YMCA’s, Recreation Departments, Fire Houses, Senior Centers, and Mommy and Me programs. 

I believe that yoga and meditation can benefit all ages,bodies, minds and lives. 


All are welcome and there is a practice for everybody. Realizing that most people come to yoga for the physical poses, I hope that the experience of moving with breath will

cultivate an energy of giving and receiving loving kindness to yourself and others as your own inner peace grows. Yoga continues, even after you’ve rolled up your mat. 

I am a daughter, wife, mother of 3 and grandmother to 4 ( soon to be 5 !) and a lover of the outdoors; always finding inspiration, awe, and prayer in it’s wonder.

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