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A Welcome Haven is a place in my heart, of safety and refuge from the storms of life.
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About Us

A yoga studio is a room or building where yoga classes and instruction take place. A Welcome Haven is so much more, as a place to find safety and refuge from the storms of life, offering small group or private sessions for gentle yoga, meditation, breath work and Reiki, for ALL bodies and ALL souls!

In September, 2020 I completed a 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training, through Yoga Farm Ithaca. In March, 2021 I completed a 300 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training, again with Yoga Farm Ithaca.  I am now a 500 Hr. Registered Yoga Teacher, with additional studies in YIN Yoga.  I am designated a Reiki Master Teacher and studying with Kimberly Beekman in the Inner Alignment System Coach Certification program. 

Maria Lovo, owner of A Welcome Haven yoga studio stands before the front door of her studio with arms raised.

Our Current Offerings

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To inquire about our class schedule, book a class, or for general questions about our offerings, please use our contact form.

All participants (teachers and students) must be fully vaccinated (boosters included)

Gentle Yoga

Our meditative, gentle yoga classes will move at a steady pace, slowly cycling through a series of floor-based or seated asanas. Though one can expect a few standing poses, as well as balance exercises, we'll spend most of the class on our mats. While the intensity may be lower, the focus and commitment are high. This class is appropriate for all levels and ages or practitioners.   This one hour class is held multiple times throughout the week, often through York Adult Education. 

Yoga 101

 Learning the basic poses of yoga, at your own pace, in a private session or small group.  Anyone of any age, gender, or physical ability can practice yoga. It’s not just for the "flexible", yoga is for anyone who wants to cultivate their health, inner peace, and calm.  To schedule a one hour Yoga 101 session, please share your past yoga experience in the message section on our  "Contact Us" form.  

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. Benefits of chair yoga include improved flexibility.  Chair Yoga classes are limited to two people at a time. To schedule a session, please use our  "Contact Us" form and we will respond within 24 hours.


Reiki is a healing technique where a practitioner channels life force energy into the client by means of gentle hand movements over the body, to activate the natural energy within the client's own body, to start the healing processes of the client's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.   To schedule a session, please use our  "Contact Us" form and we will respond within 24 hours. Please share several days and times that are typically available for you.


Mindful, Mantra, Spiritual, Focused and Loving-Kindness are just a few types of mediation practices.  A Welcome Haven works with each client or class to help each person develop awareness of the present moment.  While Meditation is part of every yoga class, A Welcome Haven offers the opportunity to spend 30-60 minutes focused solely on meditation, a beautiful guided practice, designed specifically for each individual participant.  Please share several days and times that are typically available for you, in the message section on our "Contact Us" form.  

Integrated Body and Soul

This offering is a combination of Meditation, Breath work, Yoga movement and Reiki, specially created for each individual.  This is a private, one hour, session offered at $50 per session ($35 for local NH and ME residents).  Please share availability in the message section on our "Contact Us" form.  

Current Offerings

"Yoga is the practice - both on and off the mat - that dissolves our internal barriers so we can abide in our calm, clear Mind, our warm, open Hearts, and embody this as Loving, Discerning Action, in our lives."

Daniela Hess
Yoga Farm Ithaca

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